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From Teaching English to Digging Water Wells in Africa

In 2013-2014, Founder Pam Moore and her husband Brooks watched lives change as they engaged in charity work in Africa. Pam and Brooks helped African people in Uganda develop self-reliance as they taught English, music, sewing, cooking, and carpentry. They paired with organizations including Aid Africa and Days for Girls to help Africans build fuel-efficient stoves and provide reusable feminine hygiene products to thousands of women and girls. As Pam worked alongside African locals and helped teach them, a fire was lit in her.
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Pam and Brooks returned to the States, but Pam kept serving. She continued to partner with various organizations to provide sustainable aid to African communities, using her spare time to substitute teach and sell plasma to fund these projects.

In 2017, Pam returned twice to Africa to provide hands-on service, including  distributing more than 1000 Days for Girls reusable feminine  hygiene kits. During these trips, she saw several  educated Africans working tirelessly to increase lasting change in the quality of life for their communities. Their desires inspired Pam to found It’s For Africa, a nonprofit charity organization where she and the IFA team help Ugandans in their journey towards dignity and self-reliance. After years of engaging in more than a dozen   projects/enterprises, IFA now focuses exclusively on drilling sustainable, permanent DEEP water wells in Africa, Villagers can take ownership of their wells and ensure that every penny that has been donated to IFA can be used to help the African people.

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