Shallow Water Wells vs. Deep Water Wells

Many charity organizations fundraise to cover the cost of drilling shallow water wells in Uganda or other parts of Africa. While IFA (It’s For Africa) used to partner with many different charities in the past, IFA now chooses to fund deep water wells. As a water charity for Africa, the advantages of the deep water well have more potential to make a lasting impact. Because of the shallow depth of shallow water wells, they are more susceptible to contamination and the natural, unpredictable fluctuations of the water table. In contrast, deep water wells are more likely to consistently provide clean water year around. By setting criteria for the recipients of IFA’s charity funds, villages are more likely to be invested in their deep water well and maintain it properly, thus increasing its longevity and impact. 

Hand dug Shallow wells

  • Typically less than 25 feet deep
  • Cost: ~$2,000 USD
  • Accumulated ground water
  • Affected by rainfall
  • Susceptible to contamination from ground bacteria

Village Drill Deep wells

  • 105 to 297 feet deep
  • $4,000 USD
  • Aquifers 
  • Consistent year-round 
  • Pure 
These criteria are set in order to: 
  • Foster the villagers’ commitment to improved health and sanitation
  • Encourage hand washing and overall hygiene 
  • Instill a sense of ownership over the well
  • Provide a gift of dignity and pride

After the village has met these criteria and raised half of the funds, IFA contributes the rest of the cost, and volunteers from IFA are dispatched to the village. Village men are expected to help with the manual labor involved in drilling and preparing a deep water well for use, and the women are asked to provide and prepare food for the workers, thus involving the village in the process of digging the well.

By helping the people of Uganda develop their self-reliance and helping provide clean water, IFA helps enable the people of Uganda to walk out of poverty. Clean water helps a society focus its efforts on education and creating sustainable, worthwhile enterprises to help the village escape poverty. 

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Every donation, whether great or small, helps cover the cost of digging a well in Uganda and makes a significant contribution to providing clean water for African villages.