Our Partners

We are indebted to Mike Anderson and John Renouard, directors of the Village Drill charity, for sharing their expertise, providing training opportunities and offering ongoing support.  IFA and DWWD would never succeed without all their assistance.
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Past It’s For Africa projects

Although IFA (It’s For Africa) is a small nonprofit, it has made an impact on thousands of African lives.  While our current focus is solely on providing water, IFA has partnered with many reputable charities that have proven their integrity and sustainable success, including Days for Girls, Aid Africa, Child2Youth, Mpendo Packer Foundation, and NUWCSI. Some of our projects in these partnerships are below.

Every dollar that has been donated to IFA has been used to benefit the people of Africa.

Our small staff are all volunteers who never receive any financial or in-kind compensation. IFA used to sell African crafts Pam purchased and donated to IFA, but she now works full time at a local high school.  Her salary covers all administrative costs and provides some funding for the water projects.

Shallow Water Wells

More than 80% of all illnesses in Africa come from contaminated water. IFA provided funds and some volunteer labor for other NGOs to hand dig shallow wells, but because these wells have the inherent problems of contamination and drying up, IFA now only drills deep wells with the state-of-the art Village Drill.  Deep wells are the most viable long-term solution for clean water. 

Kireka Home for Children with Special Needs

Child2Youth – Spring Based Wells

In Southern Uganda water is more plentiful so wells are often created using spring water.  IFA has financed  for the Child2Youth charity two Spring wells. However, water samples taken by the Ministry of Water Development have shown that the majority of spring wells are also full of contaminants.  When heavy rains fall in southern Uganda, water running down slopes carries with it all the filth in its path including feces, oil spills, pesticides and heavy metals that eventually enter into the springs.  While spring wells are more economical to create, and most people think they provide clean water, spring wells actually contain a lot of contaminants.  Deep well drilling that we do is the only healthy solution and the  manually driven Village Drill system makes quality wells much more affordable than other methods of deep well drilling.

Days for Girls – Feminine Hygiene Kits for Girls & Women

Through our ongoing partnership with Days for Girls (DFG), IFA has delivered more than  6,000 reusable feminine hygiene kits to schools, medical clinics, indigent villages, maternity patients, and thousands of students and teachers in Ugandan refugee camps . IFA volunteers are trained DFG Ambassadors, so every distribution includes extensive training on health, hygiene, menses and self-defense. Not only do these kits provide dignity, they also are vital so village girls can go to school without missing multiple days each month. 

Birth Kits for African Mothers and Babies

The World Health Organization estimates that a million African babies die each year, and half a million African mothers die from infections associated with childbirth. IFA volunteers have assembled and helped distribute hundreds of sterile birthing kits to clinics and remote villages so TWO lives can be saved, the mother AND the baby.

Mpendo Packer – Parasite Removal

IFA has also assisted in the eradication of jiggers which is a parasitic worm that  burrows into the skin, causing extreme pain and even death. Our volunteers have helped with the treatment as well as providing medicines, shoes, clothes and fumigation of homes to prevent infestation.
Village women are taught to sew beautiful quilts all by hand

Northern Uganda Women and Children Support Initiative (NUWCSI)

We partnered with NUWCSI, an organization created by American Nancy Cardoza who has lived in Gulu many years.  She helps Ugandans develop meaningful enterprises at minimal cost, such as quilts sewn entirely by hand, and EVERYTHING related to Apiaries . Nancy sees that African people are taught principles of budgeting, saving, and other important life skills to help them develop sustainable improvements to their lives. 
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Our scholarship program ended December 2021.  We offered these to a few African students who showed  exemplary qualities of leadership in their communities and who had exhausted all other resources. Scholarship students were  expected to maintain a high standard in order to honor the donations made in their behalf.  

Mittleider Gardening and Hippo Rollers

Practiced in many parts of the world, the Mittleider method of gardening improves food production. IFA helped provide books, training, tools, and soil micronutrients to farmers who showed that they would implement Mittleider gardening. Additionally, we provided Hippo Rollers, which are containers that allow large amounts of water to be easily transported from wells to homes and gardens. 

Water Bottle Doll Enterprise

We taught Pearls of Africa Children's Home in Jinja, as well as the Batwas (aka Pygmies) in the mountains of Southwestern Uganda how to make these dolls   Both areas have a lot of tourists’  who discard water bottles; They are made into native costumed dolls and sold as souvenirs.
When IFA volunteers were in the Bwindi National Forest or the Batwa region, we brought outdoor activities and frisbees for the children.  One of the leaders asked if instead of this toy for the children, could a frisbee be given to each family as a plate.  This group had no plates or utensils; they would put their food on large leaves.

Piggery Enterprises

IFA provided the initial funds for two individuals to start a piggery.  While the initial outlay small for us, most villagers would never have enough money to do this on their own.  After building the piggery, they were able to initially buy two female and one male piglet which they raised to maturity.  Within the first year the females gave birth to 11 piglets! 

Apiary Enterprises

With training provided by Nancy Cardoza’s Charity, IFA has helped six unemployed or underemployed Ugandans start apiary enterprises. Honey not needed for family use is sold to Nancy’s honey store. 

Please Donate Today

As evidenced, IFA has implemented many diverse projects that have positively  impacted thousands of lives, but to create lasting change that will help bring the people out of poverty requires solving the water problem.  That is why every penny of every donation goes directly to our water projects.  We ask for your help.  Give the gift of clean water.