Remedy Uganda is a private not for profit health clinic that was established to strengthen existing health service delivery with the mission “To provide access to quality, safe and continued professional health care services and information for the urban, peri-urban and rural communities”. It was founded in 2020 and now serves a catchment area of about 20,000 people with four outreach community centers. 


Dr. Odiambo has started clinics in other locations, but after upgrading the rented buildings, adding electricity at the clinic’s expense, unscrupulous landlords would make unreasonable demands or start charging exorbitant rates forcing them to locate elsewhere.

Phillip recognized he needed a place that he actually owned so this would not continue to happen.  Through his father’s generosity, he was able to get clear title to a piece of property in a good location where the  surrounding villages lacked close medical care. This was a parcel of the land owned by his father, purchased many years ago with the money his dad earned serving in the Uganda Army. His father has also donated land for a village school and a church.

The clinic is estimated to cost $10,000 to construct.  Two generous donors have provided that initial cost and some excited villagers in the surrounding area have donated a few materials and labor. They are thrilled to have a medical facility in their area. 

We are requesting $4000 to fund a deep aquifer well on the clinic land, which will provide clean water and the opportunity to sell water shares (a common practice) to the villagers.  Water shares will help the clinic meet some of their basic operating expenses.  Not only will everyone benefit from improved health, the people will lose less work and school time from the many water-borne illnesses.  Neighboring village girls will be able to easily fetch water in a much safer environment and will more likely be able to attend school.  The village will be much closer to becoming self-sustaining and walking out of their poverty

On September 23, the clinic had a groundbreaking ceremony.  Dr. Odiambo shared that when the dedication of the land was taking place it started to drizzle.  It lasted through the dedicatory prayer and then ended.  The people were amazed, and they all considered this a positive affirmation of the work that is beginning to take place.


We are very pleased with the progress that has been made.  However, a tractor trailer rig hit the car Dr. Odiambo was putting his family into, throwing him under the car and causing some very serious injuries.  This has caused a delay in construction by several weeks.  
One of Dr. Odiambo’s passions is to help reduce the mortality rate of delivering moms and their newborns.  He does extensive training and is trying to get neonatal equipment and more beds for his clinic. 
It’s for Africa has provided Dr. Odiambo with hundreds of these birth kits for those in neighboring villages who may not make it to his clinic.  One kit can literally save two lives!